I offer you a warm welcome to Columbus Jewish Day School! 

You have entered a unique Kindergarten through 6th grade learning community. CJDS is where each student discovers his or her authentic voice through the joy of learning in ways that utilize our magnificent campus built on a seven-acre nature preserve complete with a pond and trails. Our outdoor classrooms are as active as our indoor ones.

I could not be more inspired each day to be a part of our extraordinary team of educational leaders who teach all our students to take intellectual risks, to build their confidence, and to improve their world as both local and global citizens. Our faculty members are attracted to CJDS because they want to collaborate with students as whole people and build relationships with them, often becoming life-long guides.

Too often, throughout the past century of Jewish education in America, students have been left alone in figuring out how to engage in the exciting, creative act of “cultural straddling,” living equally as informed, empowered citizens and as Jews grounded in tradition and inspired to make that tradition relevant to today.

At CJDS, not only are our students not left alone with the problem of synthesis – of connecting the dots of who they are – students engage in bold and exhilarating experiments in contemporary Jewish living.

Whether it is a math problem about calculating how long it would have taken Rivkah to get well-water for Abraham’s ten camels, a science lesson to engineer a structure that could float baby Moses on our pond, or a language arts project to compose an ethical will for Jewish matriarch Sarah, at CJDS we embrace joyfully this complex dance of existing simultaneously in both worlds through experiential learning.

I am very proud to be a part of such a powerfully integrated education for Jewish children from diverse backgrounds. Our students immerse themselves in a profound Jewish-American life woven with care, purpose, love, rigor, and depth.

But don’t take my word for it. You found us online and have walked through our virtual portal. Now come and experience the real, lived community at our school. Step inside and let us give you a tour. I look forward to learning about your hopes and passions for your child.


Dr. Tali Zelkowicz

Dr. Tali Zelkowicz